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Coaching with GetFive, one of the world’s leading corporate outplacement firms since 2013, Gerry Laytin established The Road Ahead to help you get the results for the life you want now.

The Road Ahead

Our mission is to help you advance your career and life by developing a plan that is in alignment with your personal vision and mission.
The Road Ahead Coaching is all about “what’s next for you?”  If you are at a crossroads in your life and wondering what it is all about and why, try as you might, you are simply not happy with the way things are, then you have come to the right place.
Are you between jobs?
Are you trying to reinvent yourself?
Are you unhappy in your career?
Are you looking for a new job?
Communications, certified life and career coach, Gerry Laytin, will work with you to help find meaning and happiness. By developing a place of action to get you “unstuck,” Gerry will help you to create your best life now. At, our methodology is research-based, time-tested and results-oriented. Our members find jobs faster and at higher rates of pay, positioning themselves for better career moves each time. Fortune Magazine said, “One organization with a long record of success in helping people find jobs is” Gerry is certified in the methodologies of, an International Coach Federation Certified training program. He will help you to move your career search forward.

About Gerry

Safe, open-minded, certified life, career and communications coach, helping you to navigate The Road Ahead™.

Gerry is the founder and creator of The Road Ahead Coaching and can help you overcome your obstacles that are prohibiting your growth. For a life coach you can trust and depend on, Gerry is the right person that will mentor you through the next big step. Whether that is changing careers, starting a new curriculum or a new business, Gerry goes beyond all expectation to communicate effectively and teach you how to gain ground in an ever expanding landscape.


Isabela ChagasNewscaster, 97.3 FM Chapado do Sul, Brazil
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“I had a wonderful learning experience when I was living in United States.  I was in the country for 1 year and 5 months, so I found the Voice Over class which was taught by Gerry Laytin. Since I am an announcer in Brazil, I thought that learning  how to do Voice Over in English, would be a challenge and an opportunity to improve the language and the techniques . I really liked and recommend the class.  All the students and the teacher helped me with my difficulties in English and I felt so comfortable to learn and do the exercises. Thank you Gerry for the class, it was so good to me."
Roseann C. Peritore@username
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“In knowing Gerry, he has been very instrumental in my life.  He is a man of substance and very worldly. He is a great listener, passionate, sensitive, motivational. He's someone you can trust to help make the difference in your life especially with his gifts in coaching.”

What is the "I See Your Dream Job Intuitive Career Coaching" process like?

Roseann C. Peritore
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“In knowing Gerry, he has been very instrumental in my life.  He is a man of substance and very worldly. He is a great listener, passionate, sensitive, motivational. He's someone you can trust to help make the difference in your life especially with his gifts in coaching.”
Annie HassanU.K. Client
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"Throughout the series of his coaching techniques I felt calm and collected, as if I could tell him anything with disregard to the feelings of judgement or ridicule.  Mind you that this process took place over the phone and was not face- to- face.  Although I would have done either.  And I believe the results would have been the same."
Natalie Gaebelein
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“Gerry has a gift that I cannot exactly put my finger on.  I wouldn't call it a psychic ability, but more of a holistic one.  I felt refreshed as if I was receiving a cleansing of some sort during this entire process.  His gifts go beyond just being an attentive listener, he is real with a passionate curiosity about who you are. It is pure and it is good.  I would do this every day with him if I could and am grateful to have shared this experience with him. I am happy to say that we ended on a positive note with a special bond wrapped in an eternal mutual respect for one another."


Public Speaking Coaching

Something is holding you back from becoming the powerful speaker you were meant to be. Maybe the shame of forgetting your one line in the school play at age 7, when everyone laughed at you for days still haunts you.

Embarrassed then, you avoid speaking in public, even when your promotability at work depends on it, afraid that it will happen all over again, all these years later.

Gerry will help you uncover your blocks and get past them, unleashing your powerful speaker and bringing your life-changing message to the world.

Career Counseling

If you are struggling with your career path and frustrated with a lack of purpose in your life, we can help.

From traditional career coaching-developing a targeted resume, creating a killer LinkedIn profile and interview preparation, to intuitive guidance, helping you to realize your life’s true calling and creating a plan to get you there, The Road Ahead Coaching is all about getting you the results you deserve.

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